Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yellow Owl Workshop

(A good luck charm from Christine of Yellow Owl Workshop)

I don't typically stay up late and post blogs. But tonight, I'm under some very tight deadlines and so naturally instead of writing away on those matters, I'm here procrastinating, typing, surfing, day (or night?) dreaming. Or maybe my mind is undergoing one of those mythological "sorting tasks" before it spills itself on paper. Yeah, right.

That, and for the past month or so, I've meant to write about Yellow Owl Workshop, Christine Schmidt's artistic venture in San Francisco, California. She makes the most amazing, custom-made invitations, announcements, and personalized stationary. I/we have never been one for a traditional wedding, but when the option was before me, being able to send out these invitations would have clearly been a mark in the "pro" column of my list. Other excuses to order customized Yellow Owl stuff: new babies, new grads, new meals & new seating arrangements, dinner parties, I don't know.

For the meantime and for those of you who are simply wedded to the idea of instantaneous communication and thus find the idea of writing (as in, handwriting) cards somewhat of a foreign idea or even nostalgic, you can indulge in her glorious, hand-screened cards, which we now stock in boxed sets of five. Baby steps, see? You'll find witty prints like the Minotaur, Two Chairs, or Je'Taime, all blank inside and all a perfect medium to jot down every burning thought. The cards come in serialized boxed sets (pictured at the very bottom). And finally, both cards & envelopes are made of 100% recycled paper and all made by "human mitts," as Christine puts it.

So, go ahead. Put pen to paper. Literally.

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