Wednesday, February 20, 2008

MINE. All mine.

Mine Stowaway Shirt
Mine Rockabye Shirt (long-sleeved and short-sleeved)

A friend of mine recently returned from her first trip to London and gushed about the great shopping possibilities there. This immediately brought me back to ages ago, when, garbed with nothing more than naivete and a backpack (yes, cliches can be lovely), I wandered around London for the first time, taking in each winding alley, savoring the then-novel, seemingly romantic winter weather (oh, Portland, you spoil me so), and relishing the natives in their aesthetic element. Fine, I admit it: I spent a good chunk of almost 2 months in Europe digging through foreign boutiques, as well. And my trip home was more comical than anything else, as I literally had to hobble my way onto the plane with my greedy finds. No regrets. But I digress.

Katherine Pont's UK-based line, Mine, makes me long for past days spent wandering London's various neighborhoods. Thankfully, her whimsical and quirky pieces satisfy this craving of mine--for now and sans trans-Atlantic travel. A staple in one of my favorite London boutiques, the line is artfully created and delicately executed. Said Katherine of the "Damsel in this Dress" line: "I really got caught up in the romanticism of this collection, and shapes were a combination of siren meets sailor, which in my mind married the nautical with folk." MINE: now available stateside at SOTTO, but don't worry. We'll share.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sensory Overload: Rachel Comey Fall 2008


Seriously, Rachey Comey's Fall 2008 line (inspired by Houdini and the forties) was full of so many gorgeous prints, delectable shoes, and classic belts, that we don't know how we're going to narrow down our choices.

Monday, February 11, 2008

SOTTO Turns ONE ... month old

We turned ONE MONTH old a few days ago. There are still a few kinks to be ironed out, as can be expected. And spring shipment, while on its way, never comes as quickly as we would like (we're impatient). Nonetheless, there are still quite a few things to celebrate and many more to look forward to.

Just to enumerate a few:

(1) The first shipment of Mociun should be ready to ship by late next week. We'll commemorate the shipment with some relevant morning reading about the designer. Stay tuned. Also, please note that quantity is very limited, so stock up while you can.

(2) We are also very excited to welcome Portland design darlings Church & State's spring line to our little site. The first shipment of the line will arrive in mid-March. Do keep an eye out for the DailyCandy feature.

(3) We are anxiously awaiting our spring Rachel Comey shipment, due in store in February. Yes, you'll get your chance to order the coveted Ackee heels, but, in addition, there will be more glorious accessories, including belts galore.

(4) In March, be on the lookout for lovely, walkable Devotte shoes (we can't wait!) so good that you'll want to pick up them up multiple colors, as well as gorgeous Eskell pieces.

Baby steps.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Crumpets for you, crumpets for me

When we first transplanted ourselves in the Pacific NW, we engaged in frequent trips to the neighboring metro of Seattle, and, by frequent, we mean once a month for the first 6 months of our move. Often, it was, like many other days, a random drive that had gone too far; other times (and pre-Portland IKEA), it was a premeditated venture to grab a shelf or two at the Renton IKEA. And always between running our target errand and driving back home, we ended up at The Crumpet Shop (1503 1st Ave, b/t Pike & Pine in Pike's Market) to nibble on ricotta, honey, and almond topped crumpets and to sip tea blends. What a rare treat.

It's been a while since we've made it up north, but a gift from a dear friend recently made me think of tea parties, crumpets, and the random treats life brings, Anglo-French or not.

Suburbia and Purported "Hedgemony"

Thank you, Marjorie Skinner of the Portland Mercury on Design (MOD), for the little mention and reluctant praise--hey, we'll take it when we can get it, jabs at suburbia and all. I guess there's nothing else to do but proudly wear our naughty bastard child (of Portland-ish boutiques, that is) badge of honor with abandon.

MOD wrote:

Oh, I guess I’m a bitch. One of those snobby inner SE-dwelling types who steps off the grid so infrequently that I literally have gotten lost every time I’ve ventured out to the ‘Tron, cursing its comparatively labyrinthine streets and the odd errand that brought me there, beating the steering wheel and spewing vitriol at every drab strip mall I pass.

So, my expectations for a new online boutique originating in this sprawling suburb were somewhat less than astronomical. Turns out, I’m a snobby bitch, because Sotto actually looks like decent little trove of indie designs. . . .

Monday, February 4, 2008

Sneak Peak: Mociun Spring 2008 Collection

Waiting with bated breath to sneak a glimpse of the Mociun Spring 2008 collection? Unfortunately, you'll have to wait a tad longer. We'll post more images as soon as receive the coveted items. Who is Caitlin Mociun, you ask? We'll address that, too.


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Absolute Last Call recently posted a list of 20 "Sexy Winter Essentials," adding the coveted Madison Marcus ruffle leather jacket to the list of winter must-haves. We couldn't agree more. This is such a great jacket--the details are superb, and I can see myself wearing it into the warmer spring months.

And as it just so happens (and after numerous emails from many of you), we got our hands on the absolute last bit of inventory for this jacket. Unfortunately, sizes are very limited at this point, but check out some of the "new" colors we received. Lucky for you none are in my size.

Madison Marcus Ruffle Leather Jacket in Nickel

Madison Marcus Ruffle Leather Jacket in Oak (SOLD OUT)

Anticipated Spring Frolic

We just unpacked our first spring shipment for Charlotte Ronson. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Charlotte Ronson Blouson Top (belt not included)
Personally, we like it belted with one of our many vintage belts.

Charlotte Ronson Lapel Cardi
This is definitely one of the cuter cardigans we've seen lately.

Charlotte Ronson Lola Mini Dress