Thursday, March 13, 2008

Church & State

In all other circumstances, and as a result of many years of mindnumbing brainwashing, the words "church" and "state" together automatically conjure for me (in an almost Pavlovian sense) connotations of dissonance, of dichotomous pairings.

Apparently, that is NOT the case with Portland design darlings Church & State. Church & State is Rachel Turk and Nathaniel Crissman, a lovely design due and couple who has been designing and churning out charming pieces for as long as I can remember ... or as long as we've been in Portland.

For spring, I'm particularly smitten with the Homesafe dress (above left), as I usually cannot get enough ruffles ... oh, and the Sunday blouse in navy which is perfect for perfectly sweet Sunday strolls. And, before I forget, I'll take the Workhorse jacket, as well.

In fact, I'll just take it all.

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