Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Random Thoughts, Belated Pictures, and Playing Catch Up

I owe you, dear lovelies, more pictures.
This is one attempt. I'll try to catch up this weekend.
For you: A few pictures and my rather self-serving thoughts as to how to incorporate these pieces into my closet.
Mociun Shell (up close) (SOLD OUT)
Notice the lovely pocket in the middle, which for me means no longer throwing my debit card into my bag recklessly.
Very functional. (insert: oooh!)

Mociun Shell (not up close) (SOLD OUT)

. . .

I like the asymmetrical cut and prefer to wear it unbuttoned.

Church & State Workhorse Jacket (over the Mociun Shell, not included unfortunately)
I want to wear this jacket with piles of my vintage lockets.
I adore Peter Pan collars.

Church & State Homesafe Dress (cinched in with Rachel Comey skinny belt, not included)

This dress is delightful with or without the belt.

Church & State Homesafe Dress (up close)

Rachel and Nathan are one talented pair.

Rachel Comey Double Buckle Skinny Belt in Cognac

Much to someone's chagrin, I stole the belt pictured for my own use.

My closet of vintage mini-dresses will now be revisited.

Rachel Comey Shaped Waist Belt
(so gorgeous)

I have a thing for rolled up sleeves. I don't know why.

Rachel Comey Shaped Waist Belt (up close)

Rachel Comey Shaped Waist Belt (up close; closure)

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