Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Devottes in Action

I finally had an opportunity to wear the Devotte Pur, with one of my favorite Mayle dresses, and the requsite thick wool tights.

AND these pictures are for Sharon, who emailed me about pictures of the Devotte Mascara. Any other requests?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rachel Comey Dagger

SO, even after the restock, we have only one pair left of the Rachel Comey Jonen, a size 10. Other news: the Switch is no longer available. BUT we do have the Dagger, a beautiful stacked heeled mocassin, in Forest (a very deep deep greenish-brown) available. Pictures to follow!

POST EDIT: As promised, here are pictures of the Dagger in Forest.

Weekend Wrapup

My weekend in Los Angeles was too short. It was 80+ degrees this weekend, and the sun shone unapologetically. I sipped one of my favorite chai teas, found a new favorite vegetarian restaurant, and spent some time with my two sisters and a dear friend. And, upon my return from Los Angeles, I realized that Fall--sometimes, it feels like Winter--appeared in Portland, coating the ground in fallen yellow leaves.

Below, some images from my weekend. Actually, most of the images are pictures of my sister, Jennifer, in her two favorite IRO dresses. I threw in a shot of Jaclyn in a thrift shop blouse from years past (that I should have stolen from her) because, well, I wanted to.

Sorry for the blurry shots.

(Note the lack of tights in mid-October. Oh, sunshine.)

Jennifer likes floaty mini IRO dresses, like so:

Jack likes to flaunt thrift shop treasures in front of me, like so:

Thursday, October 16, 2008


source: Refinery29

Lovelies, we will be out of town this weekend, trying on and drooling over S/S '09 items, like the Rachel Comey shoes above.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fashion Clicks Picks SOTTO Boutique

We are SUPER DUPER thrilled to be named one of Refinery29's top e-boutiques!!!!!! That's all we can really say. Read up on the site's Fashion Picks here.


I know it seems counterintuitive to want a slinky, silk chiffon dress/tunic in the colder months, but I couldn't help myself. I'm a fan of pretty draping and slate colors. And so, when faced with this floaty IRO top as an option, I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Why not?" Can you picture it over your blackest skinniest jeans, blackest booties, jacket (maybe, a cardi for the second layer), and scarf?

How would you wear this silk chiffon dress/tunic for Fall?

I like snap button closures.

Autumn Brights

WANTED: Silk chiffon blouses and dresses in unapologetically saturated prints to counter the gray autumn skies.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Good News, Bad News

The good news first: This Mociun Ikat dress, as modeled by Lena Corwin in the newest issue of Domino (below), is more gorgeous and wearable in person.

source: Domino magazine

Now for the bad news: It sold out today. I'm working on getting it restocked, but I can't make any promises. I'm trying. Email us if you're interested.

UPDATE: Caitlin Mociun is sending over a restock of this dress. We have size Medium and Large available for pre-order on the site!!!

Of course, this magazine spread begs the question--what things make you happy, lovelies?
Fine, I'll start with my short list, but this list won't include people or pets; otherwise, I'll get some scowls later this week.

1. A bowl of orange tomato soup from Elephants Deli on a cool autumn day makes me happy.

2. Walking through the park, while shuffling through yellow fallen leaves, makes me happy.

3. Vintage or vintage-inspired wallpaper makes me happy.

4. Rummaging through used bookstores makes me happy.

There are so many more little things, but we'll discuss that another time.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Paris Fashion Week, Spring Summer 09. By Daravone*

So these were some bits of my own little fashion week. Gaspard Yurkievich, Tsumori Chisato, ... Contemplating those big names in fashion, Jeremy Scott afterparty. Running from one show to another. Off Off Bowery exhibition. Bicycles on Agnes B's catwalk. Rendez Vous Magazine cocktail. Running from one show to another (yes twice because this was the hardest part). Kate L., Carine R., Emmanuelle A.

*The fabulous Ms. Daravone is a photographer/contributer to worldwide street style blog, Street Peeper. She also has her own blog. Oh, and she's the resident male's über-cool Parisian cousin.

Bicycle Fancy

We've written about our bicycle love before--here and here.

Joanna Goddard's post about the New York Times "field study" of the different types of bicyclists in New York City is just the kind of post that tickles our bicycle fancy. An excerpt (with quotes and pictures) below:

The Noble Rider.
The town bike, with an upright posture and upright air.
"In the winter, I wear lots of fedoras and scarves, foulards and tweeds," he says. "And in the summer, basically linens. I would say kind of very English, '30s style--very Evelyn Waugh."

The Fixed-Gear Rider.
The clearest way to advertise one's skinny-jeans credibility.
"There’s a certain rebelliousness to the act of riding in the city, at least when you're serious riding, not lollipop-riding on a vintage cruiser."

The Vintage-Bike Fashion Gal.
"Brady Bunch" Schwinn exudes a thrift-store chic.
"Don’t be afraid to wear a skirt and heels."

All images courtesy of the New York Times

Which type of bicyclist are you?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Clog Love

source: New York magazine
I think this write up echoes some of our clients' sentiments--you know, those of you who love the clog oxford (and secretly stare), but can't believe that you can covet a clog so much. Give in. Rachel Comey has that effect on all of us.
Thanks to the folks at New York magazine for the little mention.

Mociun Prints are In

Mociun’s Fall collection, entitled, “ The Naming Ceremony,” is my favorite yet.

We have two very different Caitlin Mociun silhouettes to offer you this season. The first is the much coveted tie-front dress in the beautiful Ikat print. The material is substantial –no flimsy dress here— so one can imagine how great it would be for the forthcoming chilly months: flat moccasins or clog oxfords, opaque wool tights, a scarf and jacket—voila! A few smartypants customers purchased the dress on pre-order (yay for them, but not for us), so we only have one left in stock, a size small. I wonder who the lucky girl will be.

The second dress is the amulet cut in the “fake bead” print. Unlike its tie-front counterpart (which is more relaxed in fit and style), this dress is more dramatic. It is fitted in all the right places and has a plunging neckline, pleated shoulders and a high neck. If you’re wondering how you will squeeze yourself into this dress, do not worry –it has a zipper back. And despite its fitted cut, it remains flattering and forgiving. It should come as no surprise to you that I tried my newest Rachel Comey belt with it. I think it works. Sorry for the picture overkill below.

We also have a few pairs of the drill shorts in peacock blue.

My Fall Uniform, Part 1

In an earlier post, I predicted what the resident male's likely Fall uniform would be, which made me think about my own. Honestly, as the weather transitions from gorgeous Indian summers to rain-drenched autumn days, I go through a period of throwing on, even more haphazardly than usual, anything that is comfortable and easy--without any thought or care. My best friends become my opaque tights and sweater tops, which are great for layering. I reluctantly dig my boots out of hibernation.

When I glimpsed this silk print by IRO, I knew I had found one of my Fall staple: printed silk charmeuse and knit wool sleeves = perfect. This is another point in the road where my rational was nothing more than self interest: I couldn't decide which would be better, the blouse or the dress. Rather than decide between the two, I simply chose both.

The cut of this 100% silk blouse and dress is 100% ease, no-fuss slouchy chic. I like the sleeves, which are just relaxed as the cut. BUT the material and print is gorgeous and the range in textures is so interesting. So, while you and I may throw it on with that devil-may-care type of ease, the look remains somewhat put together.

Reversible, no? I think that works.

I look forward to literally throwing on this dress with tights and my Devotte boots ... and a jacket.