Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Valentines Day, Lovelies!

source: Copenhagen Cycle Chic

In case we forget or weekend errands trump our daily posts, Happy Valentines Day, lovelies! As you know, spring merch will begin to arrive within the next two weeks. Yes, you will get a chance to view the newest Rachel Comey shoes. My, my, everyone is talking about those shoes! Are you curious about the new Egyptian-inspired Devotte sandals, or waiting to get your hands on the Alison Lewis tap shorts?

To get ready for the new season, we are offering an additional 30% off (yes!) on all merchandise with code: "grechen" -- hurry, offer lasts until Feb. 23 only. Enjoy!

Sue and Subtitles

Each February in Portland is met with flocks of anticipation-filled people waiting in the cold, usually entrenched in a book/periodical/other ostensibly high-brow reading material, lined up outside the old Portland Broadway Theatre, Arlene Schnitzer Hall or Portland Art Museum. The Portland International Film Festival is in town!

This year, I'm going with friend and foreign film aficionado Sue who, every year, maps out in meticulous fashion which films will and will likely not be available stateside. (By the way, Sue is the embodiment of mother-hen chic. Though not entirely an inaccurate caricature of her, I always imagine Sue with baguette in hand, crunch crunch, shawl draped dramatically around her shoulders. Maybe she's always cold? But I think in her previous life she was a French woman. ha.)

There are so many films from which to choose, and even random jaunts to the theatre at this time produce entertaining finds. My current list of go-sees:

French film "Shall We Kiss?"
I cannot resist any film with the promise of cheeky French humor.

Austrian film "Revanche"

Iranian film "Tehran Has No More Pomegranates"

source of all pictures: Portland International Film Fest

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sneak Peak: Rachel Comey

I can't wait for the Rachel Comey Bergen. We didn't order it in this color, but in a darker color called "coconut."

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Valentine

source:Iefke De Roos via Siagrafica

Oh, Valentine's Day, I admit I was not always a fan. But that seems to have changed this year. If the resident male wants to send me flowers or chocolate, I will happily oblige. Better yet, throw in a cute balloon, why don't you? I won't mind. Really.

I am strangely obsessed with balloons at the moment. These pictures may provide an explanation.

My fellow cynics, would you like to get in the mood for the upcoming holiday? Everyone needs a little heart flutter now and then, if only vicarious.

Take a gander at Joanna Goddard's GORGEOUS engagement photos below. I absolutely adore these photographs. View them in their entirety here.

source: A Cup of Jo

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sneak Peak: Lewis Spring 2009 PRE-ORDER

Alison Lewis Available for Pre-Order SOON!

Dearest Portland,

I look forward to days when my face isn't freezing, tights are optional, and it is possible to wear flimsy silk tops and tap shorts (ahem ... like above) without the threat of catching a cold. Otherwise put, I am ready for Spring. Please.

I apologize if I appear whiney.

SOTTO Boutique

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pet Toupees

What a blur of a week! What a blur of a trip! Adjusting to the disparate climate and time zones of three countries, back and forth, within a period of a few days has been tiring, even overwhelming at times. One thing that brings me a small smile: this random picture of a chihuahua with a toupee. Being held captive by a 13-year-old curmudgeon chihuahua myself, I realize I find more delight in this picture than the average person. Good night.

source: ItsNature

Another One?

Are you kidding? Another beloved casualty of this shaky--no, horrible--economy, Domino magazine is no more.

Growing up, I despised the white stark walls of my room. I begged my parents to let me paint the walls any vivid color. They said no. (Later, when I would visit home during undergrad, I would find the walls painted burnt crimson. What?) So, I painted everything else and rearranged, rearranged, rearranged my furniture.

Peering through Domino made me happy -- rooms of unabashed color, texture, print, all mismatched, layered on top of, and against, each other. Love.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My fascination with biking and bikers grows--and apparently this time with the additional element of timeless tweed!!! For a group of fixed-gear-loving Brits, the Tweed Run is a tradition of booze and bikes.

Oh, vintage tweed skirt suit of mine, if I had a fixed gear bike and lived in London, I would join in the festivities. I think I was meant to live in that city.

Sneak Peak: Mociun Spring 2009

Pretty, airy Mociun dresses

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Rachel Comey dreaming ... the Lorimer sandal in yellow. One of the latest iterations of the famed clog-heel-- the other, the Rachel Comey Bergen, is all clog-tassel heaven. We will post pictures soon.