Thursday, March 13, 2008

Growing Pains

Like many others, I have my beloved hoard of vintage belts--that stash of reliable go-to pieces, each pre-loved, their usefulness only rivaled by the story behind their discovery. Oh, like that brown braided crackled one. Yes, the one I found while vacationing in Lake Sutherland, when I begged to stop by the community thrift shop because I "knew" it might not have been raided, and he waited in the car, obviously annoyed, a 7-hour roadtrip home ahead of us. Or, that latticed tooled treasure, which is so very art nouveau. Yes, the one I found in one of my local thrift haunts in Long Beach, a city and a life that seems like too long ago. And I could never give up my Fairfax flea market finds.

More like rings on the trunk of the tree, each find is a chronological marker of some sort, saturated in memory, earmarking a particular moment, vacation, or, in some instances, a fleeting feeling. And, with that lengthy explanation, I can say I adore them all.

There comes a time, however, when a girl grows up just a bit and, notwithstanding her enduring devotion to those vintage treasures, wants to invest in something more ... substantial, dare I say "grown up." Lately, for example, my increasingly common weekend travels for work and for play have me searching for a great weekender bag, one that will weather beautifully with time. That search continues, although haphazardly. (And jealousy typically courses when I glimpse one on the arm of another.)

But even more frequently, I've wanted to invest in well-crafted, substantial belts. Then, bingo: in came the Rachel Comey cognac and whiskey colored belts, which are pretty darn fabulous and surely destined to get better with age. I'm very tempted to keep one of each style, but I may just be able to get away with picking 2 out of the 3. Difficult choice, indeed.

(I'll post more pictures of these belts and everything else this weekend. I promise.)

Rachel Comey Double Buckle Skinny Belt

Rachel Comey Shaped Waist Belt

Rachel Comey Double Buckle Belt (medium width)

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