Sunday, April 27, 2008

I am Random

I finally succumbed to that flu-like epidemic going around town. No doubt I caught it somewhere mid-flight from Los Angeles to Portland last last week. But, after just a few days of bedrest, where I begrudged the sunshine-y Portland weather--you see, it seemed to mock me (spring is really late this year)--I think I'm now OK.

I emerged from my near-week-hibernation, stepped foot in the rain, turned around, and realized that the resident male and I had somehow managed to dress as if we were going to a Sadie Hawkins dance: near identical garb, that is. This is very disturbing, because, if you squint your eyes and shake your head a few times, we can resemble each other. Perhaps or at least to many non-discerning eyes. I think we may have chuckled at our own sense of cluelessness.

Do you ever notice how couples eventually resemble each other? I don't only mean apparel-wise, but demeanor, stance, as if that same sense of identity saturates everything. Even if each individual were diametrically opposed, aesthetic-wise, sooner or later, they slowly merge. This is all an excuse, of course, for me to purchase a new pair of brogue-like shoes. His, which I COVET, do not fit. I already need an alternative to the much-loved, well-heeled Rachel Comey Ackees.

Speaking of couples who dress alike:

source: The Sartorialist
Reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac, no?

I imagine I'd run into this couple while traipsing through the streets of some ultra-cool city like Helsinki or something. As an aside, I am seriously aching for an international trip. By my count, I haven't left this country in about 8 months. Torture.

And, the randomness stops here. For now.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Inventory Peak: Mine

Just a few close-up pictures of the Mine pieces we have in stock. Verrry cute.
(Styled with Rachel Comey double-buckle skinny belt, which is not included. boo.)

Available in both longsleeves and shortsleeves.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Weekend was a Delightful Blur

After a rather chaotic Friday morning and afternoon, I somehow made it onto the plane and landed, exhausted and groggy, in Los Angeles. And, only after an hour or so of sitting through lovely 405 traffic, I met up with my better half (and the resident male at SOTTO).

The weekend was a huge blur, as are some of my pictures. WE: caught up with family and dear old friends; scrutinzed food arrangements, but somehow only took a few bites; obsessed over a lederhosen-clad Scott selling girl scout cookies (don't ask); drooled over my best friend's yellow vintage lace dress, which I will happily borrow (thank you); listened to my sister's stories about attending a mustache party and decided that handlebar mustaches are, hands down, the best; poked and prodded my new nephew, who unbelievably slept through my incessant cooing; danced; ate too much cake; were given many bracelets and even more blessings; laughed ... a lot; and watched my sisters try on shoes, like so, which they subsequently purchased, i.e., took.

My sister in her Devotte Shirley, which she paired with one of her many maxi-dresses.

Blurry side shot of Devotte Shirley

Then, we boarded a plane and headed back home to Portland. And upon arrival, WE: slept, slept; sipped steaming cups of cardamom-and-ginger-infused chai tea; slept again; dodged a hail storm unsuccessfully; picked up my new issue of Jille (which had many a drool-worthy, fringe-heavy item); and subsequently conspired to take another trip to Japan.

It was hailing/raining in Portland today.

He was a very tired jetsetter.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hunting the Elusive

I should be packing for a weekend trip (yes, another), but this increasingly common task is always met with reluctance, procrastination, and an unhealthy and oft-annoying mix of laziness and panic: What to pack? Where will I be going again? Oh, sunshine, will you be there? Or, more perplexingly, will I have to play dress-up and pretend to be an adult?

Admittedly, I am looking forward to running around a city sans tights, sweater, and numerous layers of clothing, but digging my pre-Portland clothes, i.e., California/perpetual summer clothes, sandals, etc., out of hibernation can be quite a task at times. And, to make things worse, this constant packing and unpacking reminds me how much I need a new weekender.

Ashley Watson has just informed us that she will be launching a men's line to augment her already-adorable line of reconstructured, guilt-free bags. We only have a few of her bags left, and, having not expected them to fly off our virtual shelves so quickly, we haven't yet placed another order to re-stock. I'm sure that will change soon. Take a peak at one of the new men's styles:

The Ashley Watson Dunlin has potential as a possible weekender. Imagine it in the perfect, broken-in rust brown. Very collegiate-looking and functional.

Absenteeism and Other Things

I have been the absentee blogger this past week, primarily due to the fact that this week has been, if nothing else, a whirlwind of life. It started with quite possibly the most gorgeous weekend yet (this year, anyway) in the Portland-Beaverton sprawl. Finally, Portland was showing off in all its spring glory: flora and fauna exquisitely in bloom, the long summer days slowly, but certainly, taking over. (In the summer, it doesn't get dark here until about 9pm.) I'm convinced Portland/Oregon is one of the most beautiful places in which one could spend their summers. I can't wait to languish in the sun, lazy and content. It was also a weekend of star and Toulouse-Lautrec/Forain/Degas-gazing. Simply divine.

Oh, and I scored a few great vintage finds this weekend. That's always a plus.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Attn Lurkers: Mooka Kinney Sale

We see you lurking, patiently waiting.

We are making room for new Mooka Kinney, so take a gander at the following styles which have been marked down and which are PERFECT for this warmer weather. Just don't dawdle for too long, because you'll miss your chance.
Maeby Jumper
Plum-toned with adorable wooden horse-etched buttons
Super flattering fit
Sizes left: 2, 4

Maximillian Dress
THE perfect mini dress for warm spring days
This runs a tad small; size up, if in doubt
Sizes left: 2, 4

Ziering Shorts
Romper-love, at its best
Sizes left: 2

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dearest Doppelgänger

For as long as I can remember, part of the enjoyment I derive in traveling to different cities/countries is the change in dress code. It appears that I'm not alone in my fascination of social dress.

Since 1995, Rotterdam-based photographer Ari Versluis and stylist Elly Yttenbroek have traveled the world and diligently studied the human desire to express individuality, which ironically--and as their project illustrates--dovetails with the human desire to conform. "Exactitudes" explores different subcultures from various continents and opines that individuals (and individuality) can be categorized into social tribes, each with a corresponding dress code. In finished photographs of 4 x 3 grids, codes of dress are presented through an anthropological lens. I'm not so much interested in the idea that everyone can be pigeonholed, as I am interested in the idea that our minds automatically create cognitive shortcuts and categories.

The project is now at Selfridges in London.

As an aside, my friend, Alex, claims he has seen my doppelgänger before, sitting on a bus en route to Union Station in Los Angeles, no doubt hunched in her seat, glasses perched precariously on her nose, eyes entrenched in some magazine (foreign) or book (also foreign), clueless and aloof. A more sinister me perhaps? I don't really care. I only hope she (or my social tribe) garbs itself in Rachel Comey, Mayle, or Mociun.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

While We're Away

This is the resident male of SOTTO, writing to let you know that we will be away and in the windy city for a few days.

All orders placed after Wednesday, April 2 won't be shipped out until Monday, April 7. We apologize for the inconvenience and to make it up to you, we're offering 15% all orders from pretty much now until we get back on Sunday with code: chicago.