Saturday, March 8, 2008

To Be Continued

What a gorgeous day. We're out to enjoy the warmth of the sun over lunch with some friends, but I just could not help myself and had to get in a little blog word or two (and some pictures) before running out the door.

Mociun Paperbag Skirts: I realize we've had these up on pre-order for a few weeks now, and they've finally arrived. Adorned with cute wooden buttons (the printed skirt has two, while the navy skirt has three), these skirts are adorable and such an easy piece to throw on for those lazy, spring/summer days ... perhaps with a simple tank. Note that they are paperbag skirts with drawstrings, so they are meant to be a little loose, although it isn't anything the drawstring couldn't fix. Or, if you prefer, pair it with a great belt cinched at the waist. (See forthcoming post re: Rachel Comey belts ... err, when we get a chance.) Sizes: Small-Medium available.

Rachel Comey Schindler Sandal: Although certain to be a great basic for summer, the Schindler sandal in grey is anything but common or boring. This shoe runs about a size big. Don't be intimidated by the ruched ankle strap; it keeps everything in place.

Rachel Comey Wright Sandals: I love brilliant pops of color. This sandal also runs a size big.

Have to run! So, this tally of new inventory will have to continue later ...


Joanna Goddard said...

those skirts are so cute...i LOVE your shop. so glad i found you!

Marion said...

I too love your shop. The rachel comey new arrivals are great!!!!

SOTTO said...

What wonderful comments. I just now saw these notes. Thank you!