Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday

Only until Sunday, November 30th!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm engaging in my usual lazy packing blues. In a few hours, we depart to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving festivities, where, among family and friends, I will happily over-satiate myself on my mother's and my grandmother's cooking.

Today, Joseph said to me, "The weather is horrible. It is raining--absolutely pouring--in LA. Bring a rain jacket and comfy clothes." Me afraid of the rain? I think not. What to pack? Despite Californian gripes about the "bad" weather, a few raindrops will not deter me from taking advantage of wearing less layers than I will probably be required to wear within the next 5 months in Portland. Plus, I do not own a rainslicker or rain jacket. Please.

What to pack? I think it is time I wore this Charlotte Ronson skirt. Sans tights. With booties. A leather jacket. A comfy T-shirt or equivalent top. à la Karla (below):

source: Karla's Closet

My Charlotte Ronson hi-waist skirt:

We wish you all a lovely Thanksgiving holiday. Make sure you visit us for our Black Friday sale! (Hint: check your email.)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Book Hunting

source: Amystrycula via Flickr
The last few weeks, I have been a little more obsessed with hunting down used/old books--"a little more" is an understatement. Now and then, I go through this phase. On random drives especially to small towns, I cannot pass up a used bookstore. Cannot. Will not. This is why Portland and even Vancouver, WA can be dangerous. In fact, some of my favorites are a product of my horrible sense of direction and propensity to drive aimlessly.

I've found a new favorite place to hunt. More on that later ... and if I ever chance upon them again during their business hours. Doubtful.

One More Thing

source: Hel Looks

Umm, yeah, nothing pressing, but I kind of love this. It is getting chilly in Portland.

Frolic Time

source: Pike/Pine

I'm channeling Pike/Pine style with this picture. We will be out for a few days to frolic on the streets of our northern neighbor, the bustling city of Seattle. See you Monday!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Yay to all of us for voting! To commemorate the significance of today's election, we are offering our lovely blog readers a lovely discount for Wednesday only. ONE day only. Use code "new" for 25% off any purchase. You deserve it.

Use it to stimulate the economy or, if you prefer, to simply pick up new threads for our new country.

Devotte Mascara

Vote, vote, vote

Although I try to keep this blog as frivolous as possible (because I revel in frivolity), I will say that my stomach hurt all day--the waiting, the constant review of the electoral map, the speculation, the nagging feeling of an upset. The resident male and I are heading out to welcome the news, good or bad, with friends.

Fingers are crossed.