Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last Days of Summer SALE

Charlotte Ronson high-waisted pencil skirt, Mociun tank, Rachel Comey Lorimer

Markdowns galore.

Monday, August 24, 2009

My Failed Attempts at Berry Picking

On Sunday, Jamie, Melissa and I took a circuitous drive to Sauvie Island. We intended to go berry picking. I intended to make blackberry jam. In fact, with these intentions in mind, I promised many, many friends a jar of blackberry jam.

Disappointment. Bad driving. Laziness. All rolled into one. No blackberries or berry picking. No blackberry jam. I did, however, grab freshly harvested veggies and fruit at a fruit stand.

And I had an amazing rootbeer float. Success?

If we had gone berry picking, I imagine it would something like this:

Girlhula via Flickr

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Birthday Festivities

Tomorrow, I will celebrate my dear friend's birthday, in Washington Park, with a picnic, with cupcakes topped with the requisite celebratory flair, and with finger-food galore (including honey-soaked lemons for lemonade), while watching, in a lazy summer daze, Vicky Christina Barcelona.

I will wear this dress because I love racerbacks, and I love silk Margarita Saplala dresses. I must remember to bring a towel.

I will wear these shoes, because Rachel Comey makes great shoes. And, I love tassels.

That is not me in the pictures, by the way, but lovely Cecilia.

Sale! Markdowns!

Lewis tap shorts and top, Rachel Comey Bergen

Mociun dress, Rachel Comey Lorimer

These are a few of my favorites, many of which are only available in a few sizes! More images to come, I promise.

Summer Blues

I recall a moment, about three months ago, when summer was just a hazy thought, the warm months ahead pregnant with possibilities. Where has time gone? We don't really know, but we are well aware that fall will soon be on its way.

Be prepared ...

But first, we're doing our mark-downs. Yes, mark-downs.