Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weekend Wrapup

My weekend in Los Angeles was too short. It was 80+ degrees this weekend, and the sun shone unapologetically. I sipped one of my favorite chai teas, found a new favorite vegetarian restaurant, and spent some time with my two sisters and a dear friend. And, upon my return from Los Angeles, I realized that Fall--sometimes, it feels like Winter--appeared in Portland, coating the ground in fallen yellow leaves.

Below, some images from my weekend. Actually, most of the images are pictures of my sister, Jennifer, in her two favorite IRO dresses. I threw in a shot of Jaclyn in a thrift shop blouse from years past (that I should have stolen from her) because, well, I wanted to.

Sorry for the blurry shots.

(Note the lack of tights in mid-October. Oh, sunshine.)

Jennifer likes floaty mini IRO dresses, like so:

Jack likes to flaunt thrift shop treasures in front of me, like so:


KATLIN said...

I love those outfits! The color palette of the last one is really nice!

Anonymous said...