Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bicycle Fancy

We've written about our bicycle love before--here and here.

Joanna Goddard's post about the New York Times "field study" of the different types of bicyclists in New York City is just the kind of post that tickles our bicycle fancy. An excerpt (with quotes and pictures) below:

The Noble Rider.
The town bike, with an upright posture and upright air.
"In the winter, I wear lots of fedoras and scarves, foulards and tweeds," he says. "And in the summer, basically linens. I would say kind of very English, '30s style--very Evelyn Waugh."

The Fixed-Gear Rider.
The clearest way to advertise one's skinny-jeans credibility.
"There’s a certain rebelliousness to the act of riding in the city, at least when you're serious riding, not lollipop-riding on a vintage cruiser."

The Vintage-Bike Fashion Gal.
"Brady Bunch" Schwinn exudes a thrift-store chic.
"Don’t be afraid to wear a skirt and heels."

All images courtesy of the New York Times

Which type of bicyclist are you?


KATLIN said...

I have a horrible confession. I don't know how to ride a bike!! I really want to learn though so I can bike everywhere! I'd be the vintage bike fashion gal. Or my bike would at least have to have a basket in the front!

SOTTO said...

Don't feel too bad. I like the idea of bikes, but only crying can follow from my falls. The resident male is more of a biker than I will ever be.