Monday, October 13, 2008

Good News, Bad News

The good news first: This Mociun Ikat dress, as modeled by Lena Corwin in the newest issue of Domino (below), is more gorgeous and wearable in person.

source: Domino magazine

Now for the bad news: It sold out today. I'm working on getting it restocked, but I can't make any promises. I'm trying. Email us if you're interested.

UPDATE: Caitlin Mociun is sending over a restock of this dress. We have size Medium and Large available for pre-order on the site!!!

Of course, this magazine spread begs the question--what things make you happy, lovelies?
Fine, I'll start with my short list, but this list won't include people or pets; otherwise, I'll get some scowls later this week.

1. A bowl of orange tomato soup from Elephants Deli on a cool autumn day makes me happy.

2. Walking through the park, while shuffling through yellow fallen leaves, makes me happy.

3. Vintage or vintage-inspired wallpaper makes me happy.

4. Rummaging through used bookstores makes me happy.

There are so many more little things, but we'll discuss that another time.


Marion said...

1. Freshly picked berries
2. The sound of the ocean
3. Foreign accents

Anonymous said...

Obama as president will make me happy.

Palin, a heartbeat way from the presidency, scares the heck out of me.

Minh said...

here, here

That and homemade apple cider

KATLIN said...

Apple bananas, finding amazing vintage clothes, big vintage rings, triangles, smiles...

Minh said...

Obama as Prez will make me happy too.

Anonymous said...

what are apple bananas?

A good vintage find
A brand new pair of shoes

Anonymous said...

a smile from my little guy...

Anonymous said...

This election to be over.