Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Fall Uniform, Part 1

In an earlier post, I predicted what the resident male's likely Fall uniform would be, which made me think about my own. Honestly, as the weather transitions from gorgeous Indian summers to rain-drenched autumn days, I go through a period of throwing on, even more haphazardly than usual, anything that is comfortable and easy--without any thought or care. My best friends become my opaque tights and sweater tops, which are great for layering. I reluctantly dig my boots out of hibernation.

When I glimpsed this silk print by IRO, I knew I had found one of my Fall staple: printed silk charmeuse and knit wool sleeves = perfect. This is another point in the road where my rational was nothing more than self interest: I couldn't decide which would be better, the blouse or the dress. Rather than decide between the two, I simply chose both.

The cut of this 100% silk blouse and dress is 100% ease, no-fuss slouchy chic. I like the sleeves, which are just relaxed as the cut. BUT the material and print is gorgeous and the range in textures is so interesting. So, while you and I may throw it on with that devil-may-care type of ease, the look remains somewhat put together.

Reversible, no? I think that works.

I look forward to literally throwing on this dress with tights and my Devotte boots ... and a jacket.

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