Monday, September 29, 2008


Lovelies, thank you for the emails and questions about incoming Fall pieces. We have a few things brewing on our side:

**Caitlin Mociun emailed us today to inform us that our Fall shipment is en route. It should arrive no later than this Friday, so keep your fingers crossed. In addition to the coveted Ikat dress, we also have on our list of anticipated arrivals the amulet dress in a Mociun beads print.

Mociun Amulet Dress

**IRO Fall shipment is en route and should be up for purchase in the shop by this weekend or early next week.

**We also welcome (hopefully) to the SOTTO blog our very first guest blogger, the talented Ms. Daravone, the resident male's uber-cool Parisian cousin and contributor/photographer to one of our favorite street style blogs, Street Peeper. Oh, to be in my early twenties again, but living in Paris and attending fashion shows with free swag bags ... perhaps in another life?

Her blog already has, among other things, pretty pictures of Paris Fashion Week.

Go there. Now.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the IRO that you are getting in!!!