Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is it Fall Yet?

source: Hel Looks
Although, for fear of acknowledging that sunshine-filled days are soon coming to an end, I have not yet donned my autumn boots, I'm at a point where a seasonal change is welcome. I crave my opaque tights, turtlenecks (worn under all my warm weather dresses), and brisk autumn mornings. I adore chunky knits. And, layers, lots of comfy layers.

The picture above is also ample inspiration for the Devotte granny boots.


KATLIN said...

I totally participated in those summer programs too! You make a list of all the books you read and get cool goodie bags! I'm so glad I fell under the spell of 'free' stuff, I love reading, though I don't do it too much now with school. And I didn't get an email from you... urpleurple@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

i think this will be my fall uniform. i wish i had stems likt that.