Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Devotte FW' 08, Part II: Clever

Devotte. Pur. Grey.

Meet my new Fall staple: the Pur, a killer heel/bootie that makes a decisive nod to the '80s, and remains unapologetically femme, and somehow even a bit classic. The slate grey color is the perfect backdrop for almost anything you can throw at it, which is funny, given the fact that I don't think I presently have a shoe in this color. I still surprise myself. I should not have to (but I will) mention that this is equally pretty with your thick tights in the autumn and winter, as it is with bare legs for spring and summer.

(I should note as well that soon after unpacking the Pur, I tried on a pair in my size and engaged in the ritual, "Ooooh! Aahh!" before I was forced to give them back.)

But the absolute best part is the interchangeable design. Each pair comes with two detachable leather bows. You are a clever girl, Nancy Kim.

A Pur Tutorial:

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3. VoilĂ !


KATLIN said...

Loveeeee this shoe!

Milly said...

fucking fab.u.lous.