Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Devotte FW '08, Part III: Black Mascara

My litany of love for FW '08 Devotte continues, but in a whirwind way--a bowl of Tillamook vanilla ice cream, freshly-picked blackberries, and last night's Project Runway await. I know it is First Thursday in Portland, but I much prefer this option tonight.

Devotte. Mascara. Black.

In the work lives of many (too many, in fact) of my friends, the black pump takes a dominant stance. While the style lends itself to some classic beauties, the interpretation is often lackluster, boring, and, if I may be completely frank, pure function over form. Boo.

Enter the Mascara in black, your morning friend (or my friends' morning friend) when you're rushing out the door, an endless sea of traffic ahead and naught a second to fret over your footware.

Frivolous ruffles on this serious shoe are SOOOO spot-on. For work or for play.


Anonymous said...

very cute shoes. All I can do is look at its.

Tran said...

Makes me rethink my "basic" pumps