Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer Dreaming

No, this isn't the fall preview I promised earlier. Those will come slowly.

Today was a gorgeous day. GORGEOUS. It was so gorgeous that it made me think of the many, many things about summers in Portland that I enjoy, which include: farmers markets; the July Jazz Festival in Cathedral Park; lazy sleepy afternoons romping around the waterfront; frequent trips to the coast; even more frequent trips to yogurt shops during sweltering days; Pedalpalooza; hikes in the Gorge; sunset at 9pm (or something like that) ... the list can, and likely will, go on.

These pictures also made me long for summer:

source: Hel-Looks

My resistance is futile when it comes to brilliant pops of color, especially when it involves any variation of the blue and tomato red combination. This picture just makes me happy. And, well, that vintage attaché ... do I even need to finish this sentence?

source: The Sartorialist

I love rompers, jumpers, and anything one piece and effortless. Particularly in the summer and as the weather warms up, I find that I have less patience for any sort of calculation in dress. And, this look is certainly that--effortless and chic. I also adore the vintage shoes with the vintage jumper.


Anonymous said...

I wish summer would come already.

Althea said...

Looking good!! I really like those summer dress and summer shoes.