Friday, June 20, 2008

Mlle. Pandora ... Pandora

Everyone is clamoring about the much anticipated addition to the blogosphere, Miss Pandora Pandora, a blog authored by Sartorialist-fave, Louise.

I first noticed Louise in this Sartorialist picture -- yes, that is a rosary:

source: The Sartorialist

While I cannot read French (her blog will be, I assume, predominantly French), certain things are universal. And, such great pictures are worth a thousand words--French, English, or other.

A glimpse here:

source: Pandora

Allison, one of our favorite bloggers--and coincidentally, one of our favorite customers--provides her rendition with my favorite belt, lending additional support to my belief that Rachel Comey makes the best belts:

source: Allison Wrote

And, since we're perusing Allison's blog, she also shows us a thing or two about wearing Blood is the New Black tees:

source: Allison Wrote

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allison said...

thank you! coincidentally, you're my favorite boutique!