Sunday, June 8, 2008


Father's Day is just around the corner. And with that, hopefully, summer will promptly show up.

The notion of my father immediately conjures up childhood memories of brightly colored gobs of paint, the outer shells of which were hard with time, yet soft and maleable inside, waiting to create. His painting palette usually held the remnants of past works: that smudge of near-crimson flame that comprised the sun, the circle of azalea blue that formed the ocean. It all lay there, at his fingertips. And with a quick stroke of his brush, an expanse of possibilities suddenly appeared.

Particularly, as a child, I remember peering up and over my father's drawing board, where, usually, there lay the discards of some woodwork, an etch or two of a building designed, and often the skeleton of a new painting or drawing. Most were in fledgling form, though certainly some were closer to full existence than others. I must have spent hours upon hours staring--meticulously calculating and examining--these items.

My father has since given up painting and sculpting incessantly, having pursued more of a green-thumb creative approach. What to get him indeed ... I'm plotting. Yes, something special.

On an unrelated note, we're also excitedly plotting away for fall. Yes, fall!!! Summer is not yet here, but as soon as the end of this month, fall 2008 merchandise will slowly trickle in. We still have a few summer pieces coming in--namely, some playful Charlotte Ronson dresses and Mociun tanks. For next season, however, expect some of our favorites from this season and a few new names.

We'll post previews soon.

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