Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sights from the Farmers Market

In Portland, there are a few things that mark the spring/summer months. One of those things is Pedalpalooza and the naked bike ride, to which we were treated with a rather generous helping last weekend, while enjoying our desayuno cubano. That is, however, a story for another day.

Another of these markers is the proliferation of farmers markets throughout the city and suburban sprawl. For instance, Wednesdays in downtown Portland-- where I spend the majority of my days--are typically marked by bustling crowds of people armed with the requisite bouquet of fresh flowers and/or bag(s) of organic vegetables and fruit.

Beaverton, home to SOTTO, boasts of a rather large farmers market, one that we, unfortunately, haven't visited in a while. By the time the warmer months have returned, I am surprised by how much I enjoy farmers markets; I don't know how we ever do without them. PLUS, they are a great way to support local growers, while getting cheap, fresh veggies and fruit. If you can, go. NOW.

I love perusing the local vegetable offerings and, ummm, pastries.

A drawback of the Beaverton market, unlike the downtown Portland market, is the prohibition on pets in the market area. PROBLEM SOLVED: He played in the appurtenant park and terrorized little kids.

Then, we sat and enjoyed vegetarian samosas with chutney and a great cup of chai (REAL chai, mind you) ... and examined our purchases from the day, which I hope to whip up into a spring risotto.


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Anonymous said...

Are you selling your blouse and skirt?

Anonymous said...

How much I missed Mountain View, California Farmers Market. Every Sunday, we spend few minutes walking from our apartment and spend hours tasted fresh fruits and fresh baked pastries. Walked back with handfuls of bags with fresh fruits and vegetables to started our new week. Just missed those days. Nothing here in San Diego, but beautiful beaches.
Love your outfits.

SOTTO said...

Thanks! The blouse is one of my favorite vintage finds. It has buttons in the back - adorable. The belt is Rachel Comey, which we once sold, but we all sold out. Sorry. The skirt is my weak attempt at a first sewing project.