Sunday, April 27, 2008

I am Random

I finally succumbed to that flu-like epidemic going around town. No doubt I caught it somewhere mid-flight from Los Angeles to Portland last last week. But, after just a few days of bedrest, where I begrudged the sunshine-y Portland weather--you see, it seemed to mock me (spring is really late this year)--I think I'm now OK.

I emerged from my near-week-hibernation, stepped foot in the rain, turned around, and realized that the resident male and I had somehow managed to dress as if we were going to a Sadie Hawkins dance: near identical garb, that is. This is very disturbing, because, if you squint your eyes and shake your head a few times, we can resemble each other. Perhaps or at least to many non-discerning eyes. I think we may have chuckled at our own sense of cluelessness.

Do you ever notice how couples eventually resemble each other? I don't only mean apparel-wise, but demeanor, stance, as if that same sense of identity saturates everything. Even if each individual were diametrically opposed, aesthetic-wise, sooner or later, they slowly merge. This is all an excuse, of course, for me to purchase a new pair of brogue-like shoes. His, which I COVET, do not fit. I already need an alternative to the much-loved, well-heeled Rachel Comey Ackees.

Speaking of couples who dress alike:

source: The Sartorialist
Reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac, no?

I imagine I'd run into this couple while traipsing through the streets of some ultra-cool city like Helsinki or something. As an aside, I am seriously aching for an international trip. By my count, I haven't left this country in about 8 months. Torture.

And, the randomness stops here. For now.

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