Thursday, April 17, 2008

Absenteeism and Other Things

I have been the absentee blogger this past week, primarily due to the fact that this week has been, if nothing else, a whirlwind of life. It started with quite possibly the most gorgeous weekend yet (this year, anyway) in the Portland-Beaverton sprawl. Finally, Portland was showing off in all its spring glory: flora and fauna exquisitely in bloom, the long summer days slowly, but certainly, taking over. (In the summer, it doesn't get dark here until about 9pm.) I'm convinced Portland/Oregon is one of the most beautiful places in which one could spend their summers. I can't wait to languish in the sun, lazy and content. It was also a weekend of star and Toulouse-Lautrec/Forain/Degas-gazing. Simply divine.

Oh, and I scored a few great vintage finds this weekend. That's always a plus.

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