Monday, February 11, 2008

SOTTO Turns ONE ... month old

We turned ONE MONTH old a few days ago. There are still a few kinks to be ironed out, as can be expected. And spring shipment, while on its way, never comes as quickly as we would like (we're impatient). Nonetheless, there are still quite a few things to celebrate and many more to look forward to.

Just to enumerate a few:

(1) The first shipment of Mociun should be ready to ship by late next week. We'll commemorate the shipment with some relevant morning reading about the designer. Stay tuned. Also, please note that quantity is very limited, so stock up while you can.

(2) We are also very excited to welcome Portland design darlings Church & State's spring line to our little site. The first shipment of the line will arrive in mid-March. Do keep an eye out for the DailyCandy feature.

(3) We are anxiously awaiting our spring Rachel Comey shipment, due in store in February. Yes, you'll get your chance to order the coveted Ackee heels, but, in addition, there will be more glorious accessories, including belts galore.

(4) In March, be on the lookout for lovely, walkable Devotte shoes (we can't wait!) so good that you'll want to pick up them up multiple colors, as well as gorgeous Eskell pieces.

Baby steps.

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