Wednesday, February 20, 2008

MINE. All mine.

Mine Stowaway Shirt
Mine Rockabye Shirt (long-sleeved and short-sleeved)

A friend of mine recently returned from her first trip to London and gushed about the great shopping possibilities there. This immediately brought me back to ages ago, when, garbed with nothing more than naivete and a backpack (yes, cliches can be lovely), I wandered around London for the first time, taking in each winding alley, savoring the then-novel, seemingly romantic winter weather (oh, Portland, you spoil me so), and relishing the natives in their aesthetic element. Fine, I admit it: I spent a good chunk of almost 2 months in Europe digging through foreign boutiques, as well. And my trip home was more comical than anything else, as I literally had to hobble my way onto the plane with my greedy finds. No regrets. But I digress.

Katherine Pont's UK-based line, Mine, makes me long for past days spent wandering London's various neighborhoods. Thankfully, her whimsical and quirky pieces satisfy this craving of mine--for now and sans trans-Atlantic travel. A staple in one of my favorite London boutiques, the line is artfully created and delicately executed. Said Katherine of the "Damsel in this Dress" line: "I really got caught up in the romanticism of this collection, and shapes were a combination of siren meets sailor, which in my mind married the nautical with folk." MINE: now available stateside at SOTTO, but don't worry. We'll share.


Andrea said...

I saw this designer at in london. me likes

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this is adorable.