Friday, January 23, 2009

Hong Kong Bound!

source: The Sartorialist

My traveling shoes are back on, and I have a plane to catch to Hong Kong in a few hours. Do not worry -- the resident male remains at the helm, so shipments will move along as normal.

Hong Kong is the first part of the trip, with my end destination being more tropical. Wearables packed: Mociun Ikat dress, tights, Devotte green Leelo sandals, a few vintage dresses. I'm packing lightly, knowing that I will probably come home with more than with which I left.


Us in SM said...

Wow..Hong Kong this week, Don't forget to shop for me also. LOL...

Have fun.


Anonymous said...

have fun. The lunar new year is this week ..must be crazy.

Devon said...

Fun. I like Hong Kong. Make sure you do tea at the Peninsula hotel.


Joanna Goddard said...

have a wonderful trip!

Anonymous said...