Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

I'm going to engage in the ritual list of resolutions. I doubt the resident male will provide his list, so here's mine (in no particular order):

1. Read for fun, rather than for obligation (I usually have a few fun books open at the same time. I just finished one by Junot Diaz, just picked up the new Jhumpa Lahiri, and plan to re-read the sparkly prose of F. Scott Fitzgerald.)

2. Take public transportation (I live in Portland of all places, land-of-bikes-Portland, or, as my friend Thomas calls it, the "coolest place for public transportation.")

3. Cook, cook, cook (On that note, I have been slightly obsessed with blog 30 Bucks a Week, a blog written by two people living in Brooklyn, NY that documents their budget-friendly attempts to cook delicious veggie (sometimes vegan) meals on a budget of, err, $30 a week. Yay for vegetarian polenta recipes!)

4. Be fearless/take more chances/allow myself to be young and stupid (We only have that excuse for so long.)

5. Ride a bike more often (Yes, I said "more often" because I actually rode my bike last month--when it snowed. It was a little exhausting.)

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thirtyaweek said...

I wish we had Portland's bike friendly mass transportation in NYC! Thanks for reading $30/Week and happy new year.