Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm engaging in my usual lazy packing blues. In a few hours, we depart to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving festivities, where, among family and friends, I will happily over-satiate myself on my mother's and my grandmother's cooking.

Today, Joseph said to me, "The weather is horrible. It is raining--absolutely pouring--in LA. Bring a rain jacket and comfy clothes." Me afraid of the rain? I think not. What to pack? Despite Californian gripes about the "bad" weather, a few raindrops will not deter me from taking advantage of wearing less layers than I will probably be required to wear within the next 5 months in Portland. Plus, I do not own a rainslicker or rain jacket. Please.

What to pack? I think it is time I wore this Charlotte Ronson skirt. Sans tights. With booties. A leather jacket. A comfy T-shirt or equivalent top. à la Karla (below):

source: Karla's Closet

My Charlotte Ronson hi-waist skirt:

We wish you all a lovely Thanksgiving holiday. Make sure you visit us for our Black Friday sale! (Hint: check your email.)

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