Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sneak Peek: Rachel Comey Fall Inventory

We know you love Rachel Comey as much as we do. We also know that at times it can be a tad difficult to get your mitts on certain items -- oh, I don't know, a particular honey colored clog instantly comes to mind.

Our Rachel Comey obsession aptly continues:

Rachel Comey Eye on You Dress in nougat (pictured above) & Switch Mocassin Booties in chocolate (pictured above)

After taking a gander at Rachel's Fall lineup, we simply could not walk away without one of her prints. So we didn't. In for Fall is the Rachel Comey dip back button dress in the Eye on You nougat print. Gorgeous print, simple shape = easy choice.

The cut-out mocassin booties were also a no-brainer for us. They tie. They have cut-outs. What more can I ask for? Something about this shoe is darling, but not in an overtly saccharine way.

Rachel Comey Jonen closed clogs in mud (pictured above)

Now, for those of you who missed out on the Ackees and who are still searching for a substantial well-heeled alternative, look no further! Seriously, the Jonens are the next best thing. The color "mud" is more appealing than it sounds: imagine the perfect neutral shade, a mix of gray and brown, that is muted enough to go with everything, yet isn't a bore of a color. I think it would make a great counterpoint to most brilliantly bright items. I don't know about you, but I wear my Ackees with almost everything.

As usual, sizing is limited on all items. We take pre-orders!!!

Expected shipment date is mid-September.

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Minh said...

The Switch booties are fab