Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Say It Ain't So: Mayle Closes Shop

source: Mayle

****We interrupt this otherwise-scheduled blogcation with an announcement****

SYNOPSIS: Much to our lament, designer and dressmaker extraordinaire Jane Mayle has decided to close shop. Say it ain't so. Well, lovelies, it unfortunately is, and somewhere on the streets of Nolita, a chic girl silently mourns, finding herself in a veritable existential crisis.

THE DETAILS: After ten years of garbing women (and presumably others) in perfectly feminine-meets-vintage designs, Mayle announced that her 242 Elizabeth Street shop and the gorgeous line which it houses are coming to a tragic end in February. Gone are the days of delicately executed Mayle silk blouses adorned with just the right touches to make a garment "special"; likewise, my few pairs of Caribbeas--those which I selfishly guard--will never multiply. This is a hard pill to swallow.

Once dubbed the "uniform for cool girls," this line will be missed by many, although I suspect our wallets will flourish as a result. (Yeah, I know we don't carry this line, but trust me, we will miss it. Trust me.)

Said the designer of her decision:

"How I came to this business was all about dreaming and building a wardrobe you would be seduced by. That mystery and remoteness and insouciance have disappeared from fashion in order to accelerate the product. I feel I have just become another cog in that machinery.”

Mayle's announcement to close shop comes at what we hope is the tail end of similar designer announcements.


P.S. Thanks for the heads up, Allison.


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So sad... I love Mayle.

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This is tragic