Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stacks of Brown-Papered Books and Teacups

A big cluttered mess of the above-mentioned items--these are some of the things that make up my living space.

Apartmento Magazine isn't a magazine that tells you what you should buy or with what possessions you should live. Otherwise put, it isn't some contrived ploy aimed at equally contrived consumerism. (Whether the ultimate outcome is eventually that consumerism is, however, a discussion for another day.) Rather, it provides a refreshing glimpse of the spaces in which real people exist and, in doing so, gives us an indulgent dose of the idiosyncratic aesthetics that correspond to our lives, whether they be littered tea cups or gorgeous antique furniture.

And that, to me, is always way more interesting. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

source: Apartmento Magazine


Anonymous said...

Horrible writing style... your english teacher should be ashamed. YOU DON'T MAKE SENSE!!

Marion said...

you're joking right? I enjoy the site blog for the owners' writing and the pretty pictures.

Coming from someone who himself/herself doesn't show any writing sense and who obviously has no brain cells to understand where posts are going and who has too much time to criticize the lax and expressive writing in blogs, i'd have to respectfully disagree.

i guess that'w when you know your blog is getting big: all the crazies come out. contgats, sotto.

an english major

marion said...

nevermind that my post was peppered with misspellings! ha. that is funny.

lovely lovely blog.

Anonymous said...


You make sense!!

Same anonymous person

marion said...

so we're in agreement, then, that this blog is great? Now you don't make sense, friend.

Thank you. I try to make as much sense as possible. These are short, sporadic spurts.

marion said...

Or do you disagree with me substantively?

Anonymous said...

I think it is safe to assume that the boutique owners are grown ups and thus, their writing training wheels are off. What I mean to say is: (1) blogs, unlike formal dissertations, use and are endearing for their use of common lexicon and (2) they presumably neither dress nor write by numbers, as in some formulaic "now here is the subject, now predicate...oh, let's not forget the period...the end" attempt at writing. God forbid people actually mix it up! If they want to use dangling clauses or subjects without predicates, that's fine. The result is still a well written, expressive blog. My point: you can engage in what is considered to be english 101 "bad writing tips" and be a damn good writer. Normally, the people who never move beyond english 101 basics are the people who can't recognize expressive license when it presents itself. They are too entrenched in the mechanics of simple rules to appreciate the substance of the writing.

But it would be hard to imagine someone as dense as that. The first comment must be sarcasm, no?

Anonymous said...

Sotto should be grateful, 7 more comments than usual. ha.

brooke said...

whoa. Where did all this negative energy come from? This blog is usually really upbeat. I think anon is probably just trying to be a jerk.

It is inevitable. Blogs attract jerks. Lighten up people.

It was rude to post that comment though. What did the folks at Sotto ever do to you?

Kaitlyn said...

I hate it when retardo blog jerks ruin blogs for me by posting stupid comments. Also I think he or she is wrong.

Frankie said...

I agree with everyone's comments. I don't want to dwell on all this negative energy either but as a writer I HATE it when people who can't write criticize people who apparently can write.

You don't get this post? Is that it? Sotto is saying that this magazine is anti-designy and more about real spaces....pretty straightforward if you ask me.

SOTTO said...

So many comments!!! Thank you to all blog readers and clients who came forward in our defense--how very lovely of you to do so. We are avid fans of a healthy debate.

So, taken at face value, "anonymous" may have a point. Could it be that years of schooling and work emphasizing writing that is penned in logical precision and anchored by the weight of precedent have created in us a need to be anything but--for purposes of this blog and shop??? It could be.

Notwithstanding the inherent value of coherence and logic in writing, we'd prefer to leave the work of wordsmiths to our other mediums (i.e., not this shop blog). Accordingly, this blog is not edited; nor is it meticulously proofread. Our posts may be littered with errant commas (like so: , , , ,), periods, and/or dangling clauses of thought. At times, posts may even be a bit devoid of coherence. And some, if not largely all, posts may delicately dip if not completely fall (almost Alice-like) into the world of nonsensical and random musings. Be forewarned dearest blog reader; the caveat has been expressly provided. What we can promise is that, whether random or not, the posts will reflect our interests wholeheartedly.

That said, however, had we known that a presumably nonsensical post would have elicited so many comments, we may have done so sooner.

Thank you for the wonderful emails about our blog and shop. We are both honored and happy to have readers in you.


kari said...

suuuper late post but just had to say tjat i love your store blog & way to tell them how it is!