Tuesday, January 15, 2008

SPRING PREVIEW: Blood is the New Black T-Shirts

So, we couldn't sleep. Let's talk about t-shirts.

The brainchild of Mitra Khayyam, Blood is the New Black is an art collective based out of Los Angeles that promotes emerging artists through a series of t-shirt collaborations. In a nutshell, Mitra characterizes the line as serving two purposes:

1. To showcase emerging artists in order to aid their careers in the arts.

2. To introduce consumers to artists they may not have the opportunity to know about otherwise.

And we would add a third--namely, to make darn good t-shirts that are super soft and very wearable. As you can probably tell, we are pretty smitten with this line (both premise and execution). For Spring, we are excited to showcase designer, Milano Chow.

And because we both have a few of these shirts ourselves and live in them (and because he felt it was wrong only to buy for the ladies), we have a few extra in the mens crewneck cut. Just email us. If the thought doesn't nauseate you, think: matching.

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