Saturday, December 15, 2007

Madison Marcus Leather Ruffle Jackets

Madison Marcus Ruffle Leather Jacket in Gunmetal - $415

Just in: Madison Marcus Ruffle Leather Jackets in Gunmetal! We were so excited, we had to take a picture of it. We think the dark grey color is a perfect alternative to the plain, black motorcycle jacket.


Anonymous said...

This is really cute! I love those button loop holes. I just saw that is having a sample sale on Madison Marcus tomorrow. They have amazing deals there up to 75% off.

beth said...

This is really cute. It's totally unique. I am really interested to see more from Madison Marcus. I just sawthat is having a sample sale on this designer tomorrow. They have great deals there up to 75% off. You don't need an invite either, you can just sign up.